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Asbestos Testing

Asbestos Testing

We provide limited and comprehensive asbestos surveys with our expert testing services. Samples are turned in to 3rd part labs for analysis. Some asbestos samples such as those for post abatement clearance testing can be analyzed inhouse by Green Valley personnel.

While taking samples, we ensure to minimize damage on the building. Most of the time samples are collected where nobody can see such as behind power sockets, etc. After taking samples, before leaving the job site, our inspectors clean-up to make sure no dust or debris are left behind.

Asbestos clearance testing is performed after abatement is complete.

Lead Testing

Protect your property from lead hazard with our limited or comprehensive lead survey. Our professionals are trained to identify and test for potential lead contamination sources and provide you with valuable insights towards making your home environment safe.

Green Valley inspectors use XRF machines, which are designed to detected lead presence without a need for invasive sample collection. Lead results can be provided on site, in real time as we are doing the inspection.

After lead abatement, Green Valley performs clearance testing to ensure the work has been properly done. The first step in lead clearance inspection is to make sure there is no dust left behind and taking samples to the lab.


Mold Inspection

Detect and address mold problems promptly with our mold inspection services. Our thorough assessment helps in early mold identification, preventing potential health risks and guides you towards proper mold remediation.

While doing mold inspection, Green Valley inspectors also perform moisture mapping. Mold is mostly caused by water damage or elevated moisture on a surface that provides food for mold growth at room temperature.

Sewage / Bacteria Testing

Usually, you need bacteria testing after sewage backup or cross-contamination by people/animals/objects moving through unclean spaces to clean areas. Safeguard your property against sewage-related problems with our sewage inspection and testing solutions. Our tests pinpoint issues to prevent further contamination and ensure a healthy living and/or working environment.

After the initial testing, we provide a report with findings and recommendations. If sewage bacteria are found, mitigation work has to be done, followed by clearance testing.


Smoke / Soot Analysis

Problems of smoke/soot contamination usually occur in homes after nearby wildfires or home building and other property fires. If your property has experienced smoke/soot contamination, our inspection and testing can help assess the extent of the damage.

After the inspection, samples are turned in to the lab for analysis. After obtaining lab results, we will provide a report with findings and recommendations.

Meth Lab Testing

For buildings and other properties previously used for illegal clandestine labs such as meth labs. Our inspection and testing services can help identify and give recommendation for mitigation steps necessary to ensure proper clean up. Green Valley work with fire departments to make sure their requirements for testing and clean-up requirements are met.

 CLUI photo from clui.org. Creative Commons .
CLUI photo from clui.org. Creative Commons .

Cannabis Grow House Inspection

Cannabis grow houses are illegal in most cases. In most cases, tenants rent out homes and transform them into illegal cannabis grow houses on an industrial scale. By the time this is found out, there is extensive damage to the property. The city building and safety departments often require testing done by environmental hygienists before mitigation and reconstruction begins.

Green Valley provides cannabis grow house inspection and testing. We provide reports that will meet the city and insurance requirements.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

At Green Valley Engineering we understand the importance of addressing Volatile Organic Compounds in today's world. VOCs are emitted gasses/ chemicals that can easily vaporize into the atmosphere, posing a serious potential health and environmental risk. Our eminent expertise in VOC analysis and monitoring allows us to help our clients identify, quantify and mitigate these harmful emissions. By providing accurate and reliable testing services,we assist homeowners, businesses and industries in safeguarding air quality and minimizing their impact on the environment. Trust us to be your within-sighted partner in managing VOCs and promoting a cleaner planet.


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As Environmental Contaminants Testing Experts, our passion at Green Valley is to help customers find out whether their buildings and other environments have or do not have environmental contaminants such as: asbestos, lead, mold, bacteria, marjuana growhouse contamination, methlab, smoke/soot, VOCs, etc.